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What sets us apart?

Advanced Recycling Technology for a Sustainable Future



We are delighted to invest to the latest machine technology as a step to our commitment in delivering positive impact to environment.



We are hand in hand in delivering a better environment for our future and minimizing the amont of plastic waste.


Quality Consistency

We guarantee the products you receive are all in great condition.

We continuously research the latest technology to achieve better quality as a plastic recycling manufacturer. Langgeng Jaya Group has now evolved into a notable leader in the industry.



Years of experience

  • Expertise in Plastic Waste Recycling
  • Zero Waste Production
  • High-quality Product
  • Supporting Circular Economy
Our Journey

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2006 (PET Flakes)

2006 (PET Flakes) Initially introduced recycled products in the form of PET plastic pellets.


2007-2008 (Plastic Pellets)

Langgeng Jaya Group is successful in producing PP, LDPE and HDPE pellets.


2011 (PSF)

After 2 years of research, Langgeng Jaya Group started producing PSF


2012 (Non-Woven Geotextile)

Manufactured from polyester or polypropylene fibers with different thicknesses and certain strengths. Functions as filtration, drainage work and soil strengthening.


2013 (Strapping Band)

PET Straping Band is manufactured to provide better industrial strapping equipment.


2014 (Padding & HDP)

Langgeng Jaya Group Launched two new products: Padding and HDP.


2015 (PVD)

PVD was introduced as an extraordinary new innovative product for construction manufacturers by producing PVD.


2017 (Woven Geotextile)

Made from woven polypropylene or polyester film. Our products have quite high tensile strength, resistance to UV rays and high stability for strengthening soil surfaces.


2018 (PET Woven Bag)

Langgeng Jaya Group is the first company in the world to produce Woven Bags from recycled PET bottles.


2019 (Shopping Bag)

Introducing a new product innovation, the world's first recycled shopping bag to replace the use of single-use plastic bags.

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Lamination service offers additional protection for various types of print and digital materials. Through the lamination process, a transparent layer or thin film is applied to the surface of documents, photos, posters, or other products.

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Pelletizing is a process that involves transforming materials, typically in powder or granular form, into small spherical or cylindrical pellets. This process is widely used across various industries to create materials that are easier to handle, store, and utilize.

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Ordering sewing services is a crucial fashion industry process requiring efficiency and easy customer access. It aims to make customer easier to place orders and improve operational efficiency for sewing service providers.

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