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Padding and High Density Padding

We also produce non-woven products, including Needle Punch with a width of up to 6 meters. We accept custom requirements for Padding and High-Density Padding. Our production capacity is 2,400 tons per year for Needle Punch and 1,200 tons per year for Padding and HDP. Read more detailed specifications below. Contact us for more information and pricing.

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1,5 oz - 12 oz


Blanket, Jacket, Mattress, Bed Cover, etc

High Density Padding (HDP)

300 gsm -2000 gsm
Water filter, Hydroponic, Silencer, etc

We are producing High Density Padding (HDP) at our factories in Indonesia, fully supported by modern technology. We use world-class machines from Germany to ensure the highest product quality. These advanced machines not only enhance product quality but also increase production efficiency, ensuring consistent and reliable results.

Additionally, the use of modern machinery improves logistics efficiency. With our well-organized delivery network, HDP products are quickly and safely distributed to various locations. This reduces transportation time and ensures timely delivery, meeting all deadlines.
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