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Welcome to the Langgeng Jaya Group supplier guide.

We convert plastic waste into high-quality pellets and various household and industrial products.

This guide outlines the products we need, their technical specifications, and how to become our supplier.

Why Partner with Langgeng Jaya Group?

  • Sustainable Partnerships : We build long-term relationships with partners who deliver high-quality products.
  • Timely Payments : We ensure prompt payments for all our suppliers.
  • Large Purchase Volumes : As a large company, we offer significant purchase volumes to meet our demands.
Required Products :

Types of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Products

Becoming a supplier for Langgeng Jaya Group offers numerous advantages, including:

1. Clear (Grade 1)

Products : Bottled Water (e.g., Ades, Cleo, Teh Pucuk, Coca Cola). Caps and labels must be removed.

2. Clear (Grade 2)

Products : Jars, soy sauce bottles, cooking oil bottles, sauce bottles, etc. Caps and labels must be removed.

3. Light Blue

Products : Drinking water bottles (e.g., Le Minerale, Aqua). Caps and labels must be removed.

4. Green & Dark Blue

Products : Mizone (Dark Blue), Adem Sari, Sprite, Eucalyptus (Green). Caps and labels must be removed.

5. White

Products : White bottles (e.g., Nutriboost).

Types of PP (Polypropylene), HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), and LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) Products

1. PP (colored PP, black PP, white PP, clear PP)

   - Products : Buckets, food containers, chairs, fruit baskets, tubs, etc.

2. PP Cups

   - Products : Cups with labels/printing removed (clean) and not removed.

3. PP Cups B

   - Products : Cups with labels/printing not removed.

4. PP Monti

   - Products: Printed cups (e.g., Montea, Ale-Ale) with labels/printing not removed.

5. HDPE Blow (colored blow, black blow, white blow, natural blow)

    - Products : Shampoo bottles, lotion bottles, conditioner bottles, milk bottles, jerry cans, etc.

6. HDPE Blow (colored and black)

    - Products : Oil bottles.

7. HDA Caps

    - Products : Bottle caps + rings.

8. LD Gallon

    - Products : Gallon caps.

9. LD Natural

    - Products : Infusion bottles and PE film.

Becoming a Supplier for Langgeng Jaya Group

To become an official supplier for Langgeng Jaya Group, please follow these steps:

          • Contact the Purchasing Division : Start the registration process and request price information.
          • Sample Submission : Submit product samples for quality assessment.
          • Evaluation : Our team will evaluate the samples to ensure they meet our standards.
          • Commence Shipping : After reaching a price agreement and product acceptance, begin shipping products as scheduled.


          Langgeng Jaya Group is continually seeking supplier partners who can deliver the highest and most sustainable quality. By following this guide, we hope you will understand our needs and the process to become part of our supply chain.

          For more information, please contact our purchasing division. Let’s work together to create high-quality, eco-friendly plastic products for a better future.

          We trust this guide provides you with a thorough understanding of Langgeng Jaya Group's requirements and prepares you to become a reliable supplier partner. Welcome aboard, and let us achieve success together!

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          Yes, we offer product samples for customers who want to see and feel the quality of our products before placing a bulk order. Please contact our sales team to request samples.

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