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rLDPE Natural Granules

High-quality LDPE granules with advanced filtration for stable quality. Ideal for extrusion processes. Customizable specs. Read more detailed specifications below. Contact us for more information and pricing.

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rLDPE Natural Granules Specification

Melt Flow IndexMin 0,50 - Max 1,25 (Average 0,9) g/10min
Bulk Density
450 - 600 kg/m³
Other Impurities
≤100 ppm
Production Capacity
7.200 ton/year
PS : This specification of the material can be adjusted depend on your inquiries
We use the latest filter technology which is very rare in Indonesia. This thick filter which has a self-cleaning feature can prevent contamination from entering so that the stability of the pellet product quality is maintained.
This specification concerns LDPE granules made of ldpe film for use in extrusion processes.
Our ldpe granules price is based on your specification. Send us your inquiries or contact us for more information.

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